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Compute HASH Utility,by Alphawaves _Stand Alone

** ComputeHASH Utility * By Alphawaves  **

File     : ComputeHASH Utility.exe
Size     : 842.50 KB
CRC32    : ae735e07
MD5      : d83a7335a032e954f40a1793931024a5
SHA1     : 6cd7c6ac4556029f7521de74402ff7e0bfb7fe7b

**Compute hashes for Adler32, Crc32, ED2K, Md4, Md5, Sha1, Sha256, Sha384, Sha512, Ripemd160, Tiger, Whirlpool
**Create *.sfv, *.md5, *.sha1 files
**Read *.sfv, *.md5, *.sha1 files 
**Compute text strings
**Checks file hash comparison (multi algorithms)
**Computes files and strings
**Advanced progress
**Copy to Clipboard
**Export to text file

NOTE: If compare files fails first time (returns blank) run it again.
NOTA:Se la comparazione del file non viena,(pagina bianca),rifai la procedura..

**Build: 1.1
**Changelog 1.1:
Bug fix
**Changelog 1.0:
Fixed save to hash.txt file (reads all computed hashed files).
Added ED2K hash support
Added Create *.sha1 files
Added read *.sha1 files
Bug fixes
[Author's Note]

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