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ZOTAC WinUSB Maker v-1.0 RC 1-and all Josh Cell Free Software

Josh Cell is an alias. My name is Michel Oliveira and I was a self-taught Software Developer from Brazil.
In mid-2011 Josh Cell Softwares was created as a free development website that releases high quality applications around the world.
The real corporation name is Josh Cell Softwares, which is better English spelling formerly called Josh Cell Software’s.
I was always interested in computer hardware maintenance.
In 2011 a great curiosity about the business of programming began, I then start to develop free applications learning alone without any structure of any programming base.
Spending time on My Digital Life forums, I absorbed a lot of important content and information to continue my career as a developer.

ZOTAC WinUSB Maker v1.0 RC 1-and all Josh Cell Free Software by Paulo Tabarez

At first I developed applications based on Windows Scripting. Six months later, I started to work with object-oriented languages releasing many other applications to the world.
In little more than one year, I learned many techniques developing application projects.
Today I am a certified Software Developer for Windows using the C# with ASP.NET platform focusing applications in the cloud, on my way to become a Systems Analyst in college soon. I also have good experiences with web development and database management.
Located in Brazil,  Josh Cell Software’s now will also go out of the internet to provide local services to Software Companies.
‘We are life long learners’
[Author's Note]


Best Regards,
Michel Oliveira 

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