lunedì 22 ottobre 2012

WinSys Clean X3 Pro-Eng/DE_portable

WinSysClean X3
Windows Repair and Registry Clean with 1-Click
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Microsoft Recommends: Clean up your hard disk (weekly)     
       "Your computer amasses temporary files over time. These files can come from any number of sources, the Web being one of the largest offenders. After a while, these temporary files will slow down your computer."   source:
About once every week, you should run WinSysClean to clear your PC of these temporary files.

The most effective registry cleaner
Windows Repair and Registry Cleaner
Windows Tuning
1-Click Intelligent SafeClean™
Advanced System Performance Monitor
Automatically Optimize your Windows System
Protect Your Privacy
Clean your Computer
Maximize System Performance and Repair Windows Errors
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Sha-1: 36B2898793963008B041B674931BFD4EEE98C3AD

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